Monday, 16 July 2012

I completely stuffed up my last attempt at Julie would say, "So simple a child could do it".  Call me what you like, I don't CARE///////////////////////////////!   Just help me out of this mess.  Everytime I go to Add a Photograph, for instance, I end up getting someone elses photo, or puting it in the last Blog.  I am going mad.
First I wanted to show my latest knitting prowess and they turned up all upside down and could seem to be able to rotate took me hours of frustration, with repeats where I didn't want them and such, and then I lost the did that happen:?  I can't even prevent myself from doing all that again because I don't know what's going wrong..  It must be me.  I work on a computer five days a week,  yet I don't seem to have as much trouble there.  I guess it has to do with using the internet.

I'LL TRY I will add a photo of my finished painting of the Little Kingfisher, then I will try to add the red beret that I finally finished, with the help of Julie and the internet, which showed how to the most incredibly loose cast off.  I will leave it at that for one episode.  Then, if that works out all right, I will attempt to do the same on my Ravelry sign in as Shmozzle, adding the scarf that I knitted Adam for his up and coming birthday.  It has curled, so I will have to edge part of it and then iron it.

Aright, here goes.....Add Photo....NOPE, that's not it.   That is the photo of the bird I painted with the real leaves sitting on top of the painting to see how they will look when painted. 
I'll try again......

Well at least that is the picture of the woman who now has and is wearing the red beret that I knitted  for her.  So now you can see my office where I work with Eve wearing my knitting. 
Now I will try one last time to grab the completed art work of the Little Kingfisher.......

YAY and YIPPEEEE!  I've done it........OMG!!!!  Success at last.  .  So tell me, do you think the leaves look better behind the branch in front or do they look better over the top?  Because I can alter that . I couldn't make up my mind when I was painting it.

I was very touched when I saw how my dear sister, Julie, had lovingly taken photos of my home whilst she was here and posted them to the Blog, very touched indeed.  The life one lives becomes more apparent through the eye of the lens and when taken  by someone else.


  1. It's such a great painting! I think the leaves look better in front, but it looks great both ways :) xx

  2. p.s. I'm so proud of you for figuring out how to work the blog :)

  3. Great work Di, the painting looks fabulous and the pic of the hat is great too. Good on you for sticking with it and working out how to get the pics up. That really is the best way. Painful, but at least you will remember! We have all been there :-) Love you madly darling and missing you madly too. xxx

  4. ps I love the leaves behind! I think it gives the painting depth, though I guess it might look different in 'person'.