Friday, 25 May 2012

Herman Pekel Workshop

On my recent holiday I was privileged enough to enjoy the teaching of Herman. I particularly enjoyed his French street scenes, such as is shown here.

I had so much fun, especially staying with Grace, Susan, Ruth and Doug. Herman was entertaining as well.  I also visited my sister and family in Canberra and really relaxed. I had a great time with Julie and my nieces there. I went to the National Art Gallery and started up some knitting while I was there.

Here is one of my paintings...


  1. Cute blog Di! Welcome to the blogger's world. Here is a link to the mittens pattern, which scarf did you want? I don't remember. So far as I recall there isn't a scarf to match this pattern, but it would be very easy to make your own design of one using the cable pattern. You should use your webmail address to start a Ravelry account and then you can easily search for great patterns any time you want. But be careful, it's addictive :-)
    Love you, Jules. xxx

    1. Hey Aunty! here is the link to my blog as well. I am following all of yours. they are great! xx